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EarlyON Child and Family Centres

The EarlyON Child and Family Centres Outreach services at the Saltfleet and Stoney Creek Libraries are post poned for the winter season. We invite families to join us at one of our other locations. For more information please call 905 573 7905.

Baby Picasso

(4mths -18mths)

This session is for parents/caregivers and their infants to experience a creative art experience. Parents/caregivers will learn the benefits of early stimulation and sensory activities.

Baby Games


An opportunity for parents to learn new and fun activities designed for babies, and to build important development skills while spending time with your baby.

Birthday Day


Join staff, family and friends in celebrating all those who have birthdays in the current month.

Connect with your Baby (4wks)


A 4 week program that focuses on attachment, communication, stimulation and motor skills.

Check it Out Clinic

(0-6 years)

Community professionals are available at a variety of locations to meet with families and their children from 0-6 years of age to offer consultation, teaching and referral in respect to their child’s development. Check it out clinics are provided in collaboration between the City of Hamilton
Public Health Services, Family Health Division, Early Words and EarlyON Child and Family Centres.

Coping with Bedtime

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 2yrs – 6yrs

Learn tools and strategies to establishing successful bedtime routines.

Early Bird Family Literacy (10wks)

(0-2yrs) or (3-6yrs)

Staff will provide families with ideas and information on how to support their children’s development of literacy knowledge and skills when they are in home and through everyday experiences.

Exploring Art in the Early Years


Spend time with an artist and explore a variety of creative art experiences that will teach and support your child’s creative development.

Family Gym Time


Children experience a variety of physical activities that enhance their gross motor skills.

Family Math Program (6wks)


A program for families to explore and experience basic math concepts. Parents will learn to work and play with their child to help their child develop a positive attitude toward math.

Family Yoga


A program for families to enjoy a fun filled class with yoga, music and movement, which can improve attention, focus, strength and balance.

Feeding Baby


Learn how to feed your baby during the first year. A Public Health Dietitian will teach you what, when and how to introduce new foods, as well as guide you through a fun and interactive making baby food session where you will use a variety of tools to make homemade baby food.

Feeding Young Children

(12mths +)

Come and explore the world of feeding toddlers and preschoolers with a Public health Dietitian. Learn to develop a positive parent-child feeding relationship. Help your child develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Gathering Time

(0-6 years)

Families will have the opportunity to sing songs, listen to stories, and actively participate in other learning activities with their child.

Get Set Learn (8wks)

(2 ½ - 5yrs)

Learn the importance of reading to your child on a daily basis. Families will join in literacy play and will be provided with tools to help their child(ren) succeed in school.

Getting Ready For K (4wks)


This program is for parents/caregivers and children to focus on the skills your child will need when entering school.

Have a Ball

(2-6 years)

Promoting the joy of movement through fun physical activities.

Infant Massage (5wks)


A program designed to teach parents and caregivers of infants a warm, nurturing, bonding experience through touch.

I’m Angry

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 2yrs – 6yrs

This single session workshop looks at tools and strategies for parents to learn that will enable them to help teach their child better anger management.

Joy of Music


An interactive activity for you and your child to explore with a variety of instruments and complete activities related to musical learning.

Kids Have Stress Too (3wks)

(Parent Focused)

A workshop designed to assist parents and caregivers in understanding childhood stress, and how to provide children with the tools needed to deal with stress effectively.

Learning Through Play

(0-6 years)

Parents and caregivers will learn why children play, ages and stages of play and gain techniques to enhance play with their child.

Loving vs. Spoiling

(Parent Focused)

Come and learn what love, what is spoiling is and positive behaviour management for toddlers.

Lullabies to Literacy (10wks)


Learning begins at birth and parents are a child’s first teacher, come learn how to set the stage for early literacy experiences from infant to toddler to preschool.

Mother Goose (10wks)

(0-6 yrs)

The parent/child Mother Goose program promotes bonding, attachment and early literacy using interactive rhymes, songs and storytelling.

Move & Groove


Children will have the opportunity to express their creativity through music and movement.

Native Family Gathering Time


Join our friends from Niwasa Headstart Preschool and learn traditional aboriginal songs, stories and creative activities.

Parent & Baby Network


An informal program for parents with babies to share the experiences of being a mom and/or dad. Early Years Facilitators and or Public Health Nurse will provide information and answer questions. Also an excellent
opportunity to meet new friends.

Parent and Baby Walk Fit

(Children must be in a stroller)

Enjoy a great cardio and strength training workout while spending time with your child. (Weather Permitting).

Positive Discipline

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 2yrs – 6yrs

Provides an overview of evidence-based positive strategies to improve your child’s behaviour.

Preschool Picasso


Inspire your budding artists as you explore a variety of materials together in this fun interactive creative art program.

Preschool Games


An opportunity for parents to learn new and fun activities designed for preschoolers, and to build important development skills while spending time with your child.

Read Together / Talk Together

(2-3yrs) or (4-5yrs)

Read stories with your children and allow their imaginations to grow. Enjoy a story with us and learn the benefits of reading together.

Siblings Without Rivalry

(Parent Focused)

Learn how to help siblings cooperate rather than compete. Strategies for dealing with feelings and solving conflicts respectfully will be discussed.

Silly Science


Explore your child’s curiosity by experimenting with a variety of materials.

Sleep Per Chance

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 0-12mths

A program designed to provide parents/caregivers with strategies to help their infant/toddler sleep through the night.

Speech and Language Milestones

(Parent Focused)

A session that will answer and address any questions or concerns about your child’s speech and language skills.

Success in K (4wks)

(Junior/Senior K)

This workshop is for parents/caregivers with children entering Junior or Senior Kindergarten. Information will be provided on how you can assist your child with communication, social skills, problem solving and preparing for before and after school.

Story Time Make and Take

(18mths - 6yrs)

Join us in reading one of our favourite stories and a creative activity.

Toddler Picasso

(18mths – 30mths)

An opportunity for self expressive toddlers to freely explore a variety of creative art activities with other toddler friends and parents/caregivers.

Toddler Games

(18mths – 30mths)

An opportunity for parents to learn new and fun activities designed for toddlers, and to build important development skills while spending time with your child.

Toilet Readiness

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 18mths-4yrs

Discuss when to start toilet training, signs of toilet training readiness and possible strategies for success.

Toys that Teach (4wks)

(0-2yrs) or (3-6yrs)

A time for parents to focus on and make and take activities that promotes their child’s development in a safe and stimulating manner.

Value of Play (4wks)


A program designed to teach parents/caregivers how children learn through play. Each week includes hands on experience and a make and take activity. Topics include: blocks, instruments, creative art and playdough.

Why Don’t They Listen

For parents/caregivers with child(ren) 2yrs – 6yrs

Review effective ways of increasing your child’s compliance with requests.

You and Your Toddler (4wks)


A program for parents/caregivers of toddlers that will focus on family involvement, listening and talking, learning through play, and strength/balance and coordination.